Height – Dogs 30-36 cm and Females 25-30 cm

Weight – Dogs 6-9kgs and Females 6-8kg


Coat – Pugs have a short straight coat, which requires minimal grooming.  They do however shed seasonally.


Life Expectancy – About 12 to 15 years


Personality -   The Pug has a happy-go-lucky attitude. They can be very animated and spirited; they are loyal, loving and affectionate with their families. Playful, lively and highly intelligent, they bore easily without variety in their training.


Suitability – Units to Acreage, Pugs normally get along exceptionally well with other dogs, children and pets.  They are not prone to yapping so make a great apartment /unit dog.


Other - Pugs are prone to sensitivity with the heat and frost due to their pushed in faces and shallow breathing, they can become stressed if not catered for in these areas.  They make fantastic family dogs because they are so easy going and low maintenance.


Crossbreeding with a pug

The Frug or Pugalier

With all crossbreeds be sure to recognise that the puppies can take on either or both of the parents traits when in a ‘purebred’ cross situation.


The advantage of crossing a Pug, can be improving it’s shallow breathing because of the pushed in face and making them more outgoing.


The Pug tends to be a quite dog that doesn’t need much exercise but when crossed can take on the higher energy levels of the Cavalier making them ideal for young families or active families. 




Pugalier – Cavalier x Pug

Height – 25 to 33cms

Weight – 5 to 8kgs

Coat – can be of two similar types, one with feathers like the cavalier or two without feathers.  Either way they have a short to med length straight coat that requires minimal grooming.  They don’t tend to shed as much as a pug.

Life Expectancy – 9 to 14 years

Suitability – Units to Acreage,